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Manifest enables enterprises to uncover hidden third-party risk, respond to vulnerabilities smarter and faster, and buy more secure tech.


Vulnerabilities Assessed


Components Scanned


Reduction in Software Supply Chain Attack Response

Uncover Hidden Third-Party Risk

Easily view all of the third-party and open-source software libraries and dependencies across your enterprise. Spot vulnerabilities, license issues, questionable authors, and more.
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Enterprise SBOM Management

Generate SBOMs

Generate SBOMs with zero clicks or additional burden on your engineers, DevSecOps, or AppSec teams.

Aggregate and Store SBOMs

Store all of your past, present, and future SBOMs in a single, purpose-built platform, not Google Drive.

Detect Vulnerabilities and Other Risks

Find vulnerabilities and other issues (such as GPL 3.0 and questionable authorship) in third-party software that your traditional vulnerability scanners can’t see.

Securely Share SBOMs

SBOMs are meant to be shared.  Rather than manually attaching to e-mails or ticketing platforms, use Manifest to securely and selectively share SBOMs with your customers and other third-parties like insurers.

Enrich SBOMs with Other Data Sources

Vulnerabilities are important to uncover, but organizations still need to know how much they should care about each one, and how much they impacts their specific network.  Manifest contextualizes with exploitability data to save you from chasing after issues that don’t pose a threat to your company.
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What You Can Do With Manifest

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Manifest is currently in stealth mode, building our initial product focusing on large public- and private-sector enterprises. To learn more, send us a note and we’ll get back to you right away.
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